• Who is Persephone?

I'm an avid gardener and realized one day that what I needed was already growing in abundance around me. Persephone is the Greek goddess of agriculture and vegetation, especially grain.  I wanted a name related to growth. I added "purse" because we all know that one woman that has anything you could possibly need in her purse. I want Persephone's Purse to be your one stop shop for conscious, affordable, quality skincare. 


  • Is Persephone's Purse "natural"? 

"Natural" means many different things to many people. Some items cannot be made safely without the use of some nature identical or synthetic ingredients. Nevertheless, any ingredient, natural or synthetic, is used within regulatory limits to ensure safety. We strive to use organic ingredients when possible. Additionally, we use sustainable and cruelty-free ingredients. Our products are free from phthalates. We also package our products in recyclable/reusable containers. 


  • Where can I purchase Persephone's Purse products?

You can purchase our products at www.persephonespurse.com and also on Amazon Handmade, search Persephone's Purse. 


  • When will my order ship?

Orders are usually shipped in 2-3 business days after the date of purchase. Once shipped, a tracking number will be provided. 


  • Can I return or exchange an item?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the products, items cannot be returned. However, if you receive a damaged or defective item, please email us at orders@persephonespurse.com with your order number for assistance. Please retain all original packaging and contents. For our complete policy, please see our Refund Policy located at the bottom of the page. 


  • How can I contact someone if I have general questions about my order?

For inquiries regarding your order, you may contact us via email at orders@persephonespurse.com or use the chat feature. 

  • I entered the wrong address and now my package is lost. What can I do? 

Please confirm shipping address at checkout. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.